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Baby Feeding » Weaning Diet for 7-9 months baby
Daily Essential Food
Breast Milk / Formula Milk 3-4 feeds per day.
Choose some foods from each food group every day
Amount for One Day
Group 1 - Rice & Alternatives  
Baby Cereal Add milk or hot water
Rice Cook into thin porridge
1 full bowl per day
Potato Boil / Bake & Mash
2 small potato per day
Group 2 - Meat & Alternatives  
Egg 1 egg yolk, fully cooked.
Small Dried fish 1 tsp, toast & pound.
Dried beans 2 dsp, boil & sieve.
Meat & liver 2 dsp, scrape & cook.
Fish 2 dsp, scrape / bake / mashed
Beancurd 1 pcs, mash & cook
Group 2 - Fruits & Vegetables  
Orange 6 tsp, squeeze juice.
Papaya or Banana 4 tsp, scrape & mash.
Green leafy Vegetables 4 tsp, boil & mash
Carrot or pumpkin
(yellow vegetables)
4 tsp boil & mash
tsp - Teaspoon
dsp - Dessertspoon