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Baby Feeding » Sample menu for a 7-9 months old baby
6:00 AM 250 ml milk
9:00 AM 1/2 Bowl baby cereal
120 ml milk
1/2 soft-boiled egg
mix together
11:00 AM 4 teaspoon scraped papaya
Few teaspoon water
1:00 PM 1/2 bowl thin porridge
2 teaspoon mashed green leafy vegetables
1 dessertspoon scraped meat
Few teaspoon water
mix together
5:00 PM 200 ml milk
7:00 PM 1 mashed potatoe
2 teaspoon mashed carrot
1 dessertspoon mashed baked fish
Few teaspoon water
9:00 PM 250 ml milk
Breast milk is best.
If unable to breastfeed, use a baby milk formula.