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There are many ways to express your love to newborn babies. Baby Massage is ONLY ONE of them, react instinctively to touch and this can be seen when they curl their fingers and toes as soon as someone or something touches them.
Babies react to touch much more readily than the other four senses. This is because in the part of a newborn's brain where nerve messages are received, the "somatosensory cortex", is more mature than any other sensory area.
Baby massage is one of the best ways to bond with your new-born, it calms and appeases him or her. Massage has been shown to help calm colicky babies, assuage wind and other digestive problems. It improves circulation and drainage and stimulates the muscles, cells and skin tissues.
Massaged daily, premature infants develop more rapidly than those who are not massaged. After six weeks, they are more alert and cry less, are more socially and emotionally expressive, and have notably higher levels of serotonin.