Indian Baby Care
Speech and Language Therapy
Communication is a complex skill that develops in specific stages. Successful communication involves the understanding and expression of both speech and language between the speakers and the listeners.
A breakdown in communication occurs when there is a problem in the area of comprehension, expression, cognition, memory, voice, articulation or fluency. When such a breakdown is present, the Speech & Language Therapist can then provide therapy to help individuals reach their maximum potential in all areas of communication.
New parents are often unsure about whether a child's Speech & Language development is normal or about what to do should they suspect that something is amiss.
When parents feel that the child has a communication problem or delay, in comparison with his peers, an evaluation by a Speech & Language Therapist is recommended. Here are some guidelines. You should see a Speech & Language Therapist if:
1 your child is not babbling or paying attention to voices by about 12 months
2 your child appears not to understand simple verbal instructions or questions by about 2 1/2 years
3 your child has not started talking by about 2 years
4 your child's speech is still unclear and difficult to understand at about 3 1/2 years
5 your child is not using simple sentences by about 4 years
6 your child shows signs of other communication difficulties such as stammering or voice problems (e.g. persistent hoarseness)