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Essentials for Baby Bath Time
Essentials for Topping and Tailing
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Indian Baby Bath
Keeping your baby clean will take up a large part of your daily routine. We explain the easiest way to wash your baby.
Preparing the Bath
Run about 5 cm or 2 inches of water into the bath. Always put in the cold water before the hot, and test it with your elbow. A pleasantly warm temperature should be around 37C. You may want to use a bath water thermometer just to be sure. Squeeze a few drops of liquid soap into the bath water and mix it well. Undress your baby, clean his nappy area and wrap him in a towel. Use moist cotton wool to gently clean his face and ears. Cradle his head in one hand, with his back along your forearm, and tuck his legs under your elbow. Then, lean over the bath and wash his hair, rinsing well and patting dry.
A sponge bath for newborns may be easier in the first few weeks. Newborns can be washed in a suitable sink or baby bath until they are older and can use an adult bath.